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Professionally, I am a data scientist for good.

Scientifically, I am a complexity scientist and a computational ecologist turned computational social scientist.

I use computational models and data science to understand social networks, collective behavior & information flow in social systems—from ant colonies to social media.

About me

I am a Senior Data Scientist at the startup Phylum, a cybersecurity company that detects risk in the open-source software ecosystem, which hackers increasingly exploit to attack governments, companies, and individuals. Using my scientific and technical skillset, I analyze software's social ecosystem—the millions of software authors, their numerous discussions, and their intricate network of interactions—in order to better detect bad actors and keep everyone safe online.


In 2021, I completed my Ph.D. at Princeton University, where I was an NSF Graduate Research Fellow. I received my B.S. from Yale University in 2014 and, prior to graduate school, spent two years working in federal science policy in Washington, D.C.

In addition to my professional work, I continue working on issues of diversity, equity, & inclusion in science and higher education, and I am an advocate for science and evidence-based policy. My outside interests include surfing, the NBA, R&B and hip hop music, weight training, mixed martial arts (trained ages 12-22), and amateur-level graphic design.

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